Terms and Conditions

1. Parking at Budapest Car Park is subject to a parking fee, which can be paid on the spot either with cash or by credit card.

2. 1 day means 24 hours, which begins from the time of arrival.

3. If the car is picked up before the period booked has expired the customer will not receive a refund for the period during which the parking space has not been used.

4. If, for whatever reason, the customer fails to pick up the car in maximum 30 minutes after the expiry of the period booked, the lessor is entitled to charge a full day fee.

5. If, for whatever reason, the customer delays more than one hour, the lessor is entitled to cancel the reservation.

6. Using the parking lot with an LPG car is not allowed and a car’s trailer can only be placed on a different space, which means double charge.

7. In the parking lot, the rules of the hungarian KRESZ should be followed.

8. Budapest Car Park is not responsible for any car damage or value left in the car during the stay.

9. The losing of the remote control comes with a 50 euros fee.

10. In case of no-show, we not refund the deposit.

By signing this you accept the terms and conditions.